The One-eyed Man is King

It has been said that in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.  So what does this mean for my life?   It means that if I have no information, I will gravitate towards any information, and I may be getting information that is impaired (incomplete or incorrect).

This is the situation we have with essential oil (EO) therapy. Quality information is certainly not mainstream. With the free web resources, the information that is out there is certainly for the most part unvetted by professionals who know the correct information. Or do they?

Essential oils are somewhat eclectic in nature. Meaning, everyone has heard of them, yet very few know how to use them effectively. In the US, there are many different mult-level marketing (MLM) companies that sell essential oils to individuals with little or no training.   I know that I wanted to use EO in my family and in my business, so I reached out to a customer who had actually come into the clinic.

She had recently started selling them, and I thought she would be a good resource.  She came to the clinic, and applied some oils using ‘touch therapy’ on my face before I had to go to a stressful meeting.   I had no idea what I was in for, but it seemed harmless enough. On the way to my meeting, I started having blurry vision with lots of little rainbows everywhere.   I was not sure what was happening, but it made me very concerned about being on the road with other drivers.  I have since learned that this is a chemical reaction which sent my nervous system into overload. The oils were not tested on my feet first to make sure that I would be able to tolerate them. They were not diluted, as they came straight out of the bottle.  The blurry vision/rainbows did not last long, but it was concerning.  I decided that I needed more training, and I asked the lady to come and hold a class for me so I could learn to understand the  oils better.

She did come and she held a class, but the class was not on how to use essentials oils.  She taught us about the ‘opportunity’ that the EO business offered us. This was certainly not what I planned for, and I will be honest to let you know that I showed her the door and did not hold any other classes.

What I did do, was search for the most comprehensive book I could find on aromatherapy.  What I did not know at the time was that Robert Tisserand was one of the world’s  leading experts on the subject.  I learned that contrary to what my MLM person told me, I could not safely ingest EO. I also learned what properties each EO contained and how they are used medicinally.  I learned the frequency of the oils, and I learned the preferred Latin names.   It can become really confusing. The point I am making is that the unlearned participant in essential oil therapy will likely purchase the wrong oil because the MLMs do not provide quality information. Reference this report:  vs-lavandin-vs-spike-lavender-essential-oils/What I did do, was search for the most comprehensive book I could find on aromatherapy.  What I did not know at the time was that Robert Tisserand was one of the world’s leading experts on the subject.  I

There is another issue.  Essential Oils have great healing properties, but only if used appropriately (the right oil for the right complaint) and correctly (safely). I have people coming into the clinic all the time saying that they are ingesting EO for virus therapy, digestive therapy, and anti- anxiety. When I have asked them “why?” I am told that their ‘up-line’ said it was OK.

This is what we don’t know…. Essentials oils have frequency. The vibration of an oil determines its medicinal properties.  Unless you can read one of these charts, you will not be able to determine which oil is the correct one. This photo is an example of the testing that is completed on oils so that you KNOW what is in them. Unless I have this knowledge or unless I know someone with this knowledge, I am helpless and blind in the world of EO.

To be quite frank, I do not know how to read these reports, and I doubt many MLM leaders do either.  However, there are people such as my friend Dr. Debrah Zepf who is eminently trained in the use of oils medicinally. She is the chief scientific advisor for an Essential Oil company, and I have it on her authority that unless the oils have the proper frequencies as measured on this type of report, the oils are not sold to the public.

Again, in full disclosure, I do recommend oils from a MLM. I don’t like their business model, but I use them because they are vetted by someone who is not a one-eyed King. I sell the oils at retail pricing in our clinic, but I also make them available on my website ( at the ‘partner price.’  Why?  I am not interested in creating a revenue stream. I am interested in providing the best oils at the best price.  We also hold monthly EO classes where we teach you how to apply/use the oils correctly.  There is the added bonus that we have a closed facebook group which gives our ‘partners’ inside information for FREE!

I am glad there is a resurgence in using Essential Oils for healthy living.  However, we do not need to be led by a one-eyed king.  “If you are using EO for health reasons, please be mindful and ensure you are being guided by a Clinical Aromatherapist and/or Naturopathic doctor trained in essential oils.  One who has not been clinically or properly educated/trained should never advise people to take ANY ESSENTIAL OIL internally.”  Dr. Debrah Zeph,

Until next time,

Dr. Polly