Clearing up the confusion regarding CBD oil

Many of the people I connect with are confused about CBD.  They think it is part of the marijuana plant and that it is illegal.   They are both right and wrong.   CBD does come from a plant in the Cannabis family, but it does not contain THC, which is in marijuana.  Therefore, it is not an illegal substance.

As you may know, last year a farm bill was passed which made the cultivation of hemp products legal in all fifty states.  Hemp is the name of the plant that produces CBD.   The hemp plants which are cultivated for CBD are specifically bred to contain less than .3% THC.  The THC is the chemical that makes marijuana a controlled substance.

To further confuse the issue, the Hemp plant can product nutritive products from both the seed and the leaves.   Both can be named ‘CBD Oil.’   The supplements that come from the seed part of the plant are full spectrum and act like a vitamin for the central nervous system.  The supplements which come from the aerial parts of the plant are more beneficial for epilepsy, insomnia, pain and anxiety.   It is important to look at the label to see which part of the plant the oil is made from so you have the benefits you desire.

CBD oil is nourishing for the endocabinoid nervous system.  This is an additional nervous system that was discovered recently.   See this link for further explanation.

With the legalization of Hemp, and the new research involving the endocabinoid system, CBD is trending like never before.   Because this is essentially a food product, there is wide latitude for production.   Every supplement  and health food company wants to get in on the action.   This is where the problem lies.

Many companies are purchasing CBD oil, branding it with their logo, and selling it.  However, research is showing that consumers are taking CBD oil and then failing a drug test.   How can this be when there is by definition less than .3% THC in the CBD product?  A recent Consumer Reports article gave some statistics:

  • In a 2017 study, JAMA found that 18 of 84 CBD products purchased online had THC levels possibly high enough to cause intoxication or impairment.
  • Mislabeled CBD products are a growing problem for American workers.

So what can you as a consumer do to protect yourself?   You can ask your supplier to present you with a Certificate of Analysis.  This paper will show the extraction process and any contaminants.  It will also state the percentage of CBD in the product.   If you fail a drug test, at least you will have the documentation to prove good faith.

We know that our clinic is competing with Walgreens, CVS, vape shops and others to provide the community with clean, healthy CBD.  We have been selling a good brand, CV Sciences in the clinic for a few years with great results.  I have recently been acquainted with Green Compass Global products.   This company has the Certificate of Analysis on a QR Code on each bottle.   If ever you receive a bottle that does not have a QR, you can request one from the office.  I love the transparency of this company.  Another thing I like is that the strength of CBD is larger than what I had been able to get.  For example, I have a CBD rub that was 100 mg in strength.   Green Compass Global has a similar product that contains 300 mg.  This means that the effectiveness is three times greater than what we have been able to get previously.

Good, strong, effective CBD is expensive no matter where you buy it.  What is even more important than price is the certification that the product is clean, and contains no THC above .3%.  Because I am committed to providing safe products and education to support the use of same, I am pleased to announce that we are an advocate for Green Compass Global.   If you are looking for a good CBD that is safe and effective, we want to offer  a 20% savings when you order through our website.    Not only will you get the product at wholesale costs, if you like, we will add you to our closed Facebook group where you will have access to documents concerning safe use for a variety of ailments.   If this offer appeals to you, please click on this link and read more about this amazing product.


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Dr. Polly

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