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Antibiotics harm food supply in America–Superbugs on the rise

“The European Union banned routine use of antibiotics in animal feed years ago because of evidence about its drug-resistance consequences for humans. Now the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is recommending the same for the U.S. as well, for the same reason. But for now the practice continues.” Time Magazine

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September 16, 2010: S. 510 the Food Safety legislation has now grown to a 225+ page piece of legislation. While many of the provisions regarding dietary supplements were improved from earlier versions, the Bill simply gives the FDA too much power. Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma and others are currently holding the Bill up so that it does not come to the Floor for a vote.

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Weight Loss Clinic

I am happy to announce the inaugural meeting of my Weight Loss Clinic. This clinic will do multiple things for the participants: 1. Build up the body 2. Detoxify the body 3. Shed excess weight 4. Maintain that weight loss 5. 90 Day follow-up visit. The clinic

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