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How effective are my supplements?

As a naturopath, I am often called on for reference material.  Today, a lady called me asking for contraindications for homeopathic remedies.  To the best of my knowledge there are none.  When I asked her about her products, she gave me a brand name, but it was

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Organic? What does that mean?

It is easy to think you are making a good decision when you opt for natural or organic foods.  The food industry has really capitalized on these terms.  Here is an easy way to see what you are getting in the store. USDA Organic   Means that the

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Stop feeding our babies GMO formula

Please take a moment to sign the petition hosted by Care2 to Stop Feeding Our Babies Genetically Engineered Infant Formula and Baby Food! Sign the Petition Target: U.S. Food and Drug Administration Sponsored by: Institute for Responsible Technology Gerber, Abbott Nutrition Labs, Mead Johnson, Walmart, Kellogg’s and

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