Ordinary or Extraordinary?

No one likes the word ‘ordinary.’   Not much to it.  Nothing elaborate, ornate, fancy, desirable.  Kind of blah…. Ho-hum…routine.

We sing a song at church, don’t remember what the name is, but the lyrics go something like this: 

We won’t be satisfied with anything ordinary,

We won’t be satisfied at all….

As I was in worship this past Sunday, I thought about these lyrics.  Of course, we won’t be satisfied with ordinary… who would?  And then, it hit me….. Jesus died so we would not have to settle for ordinary.  He died so we could have the extraordinary.

As you look around today, what are you seeing?  Experiencing?   It is my hope and prayer that there is a great deal of ‘extraordinary’ happening in your area.

If not, why not?

Are you satisfied with ordinary?

The ball is really in your court…

  1. I love that, Polly!! You are so on target. I don’t want anything to be ordinary in my life! God created me for EXTRAordinary!

  2. Love that song! AMEN Sista!

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