My Doctor made me cry…..

My Doctor made me cry…..


I woke up two weeks ago with an eye issue.  I am not sure what happened.  The only think I knew is that when I opened my peepers, the left one burned.  I went about my  morning rituals, and put in my contact lenses about 8:00 a.m., right before I left for my office.  About 11:00, I was feeling like there was a boulder in my left eye, so I removed my contact, and went through the rest of the day much like Cyclops.   Wednesday and Thursday came and went, and still I could not wear my contact lens with comfort.  My husband and I discussed that if my eye was not better by Friday, I would seek a professional opinion.


Friday came, and I was able to wear my contact lens, but my eye watered all morning.  We made an appointment for the afternoon with the ophthalmologist   He told me that somehow I had scratched my cornea, and there was an infection deep in the tissue.  He recommended that I get a Rx of antibiotics filled, and put the drops in my eye every hour.


Like a good patient, I followed his instructions.  I went to the pharmacy and purchased the medication.  I dutifully put the drops into my eye.   As an alternative healthcare professional, I do not take drugs lightly.  I believe that there are times when the body is in crisis, and a medication is in order.  Most of the time I like to treat my ailments in a holistic fashion.   Indeed, I had been treating my eye before I went to the doctor with a natural antibiotic.  When I read the patient handout that came with the Rx, I was uncomfortable with the side effects.  The handout said not to use the medication more than seven days, or risk a super-infection of a fungal nature.


Now, contrary to popular opinion, a super-infection is not super.  This term means that the infection is somewhat ‘superimposed’ on the original infection.  It means that the original infection is still in place, but a second, more serious infection has also taken up residence.  It also means that the second is of a ‘super’ type that is impervious to most antibiotics (or in this case, anti-fungals.)

Here is a definition:    In medicine, superinfection is an infection following a previous infection, especially when caused by microorganisms that are resistant or have become resistant to the antibiotics used earlier.

Superinfection, according to Dorland’s illustrated medical dictionary, is a condition produced by sudden growth of a type of bacteria, different from the original offenders in a wound or lesion under treatment.

So, before I tell you what happened… what would you do?  Would you continue taking a medicine that was known to cause superinfections?

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  • Cynthia Burton says:

    I would see a second opinion from my wholistic Medical Doctor, then would follow his/her advice.

  • Karla Langham says:

    How many days did he tell you to take the drops for? Why would the medication cause a fungal infection after seven days? Does the medication begin to produce a fungus after a few days? What’s the percentage of individuals that become infected after seven days?

  • Awesome article once again! Thanks!