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As a holistic doctor, we take great care in choosing supplements.  We choose top quality supplements that are tested by certified third-parties.  We pay a premium on this for a few reasons.     shopping bag

  1. We want to know that the products are what the label says they are.
  2. We want to know that the products do not have pesticides or other chemicals.
  3. We want assurances that the products are not ‘cut’ with inferior products.
  4. We want to make sure that the quality and quantity of the supplement is at a therapeutic level that will help your body heal and recover.

For this reason, we try to source Practitioner Only Products.  This means that you must go to a doctor’s office to get these high quality products.  The formulators of these products know that they are powerful, and they need expert guidance for the consumer.  For that reason, these products are not available on Amazon, EBay, or in any of the big box stores.

Last week, a client came in and said that a protocol I had written for her hot flashes had not worked.  In all the years we have been in holistic health care, we have never seen this protocol fail.  I looked at my notes, and she had not come in to refill her protocol.  When I brought this to her attention, she said that she had found the supplements on Amazon, and as they were cheaper, she had purchased her refills there.

This is the problem with buying nutritional/nutraceutical products from a warehouse are various:

  1. They are not in a climate controlled environment
  2. There is no safe ‘chain of command’ to prove the veracity of the product. What I mean is this:  When I purchase from the lab, I receive a shipment from the lab.  I know that there is no middle man that could corrupt the merchandise.  When you buy from a warehouse, you have no idea who is selling the product.  In many cases, products sold are from people have bought too much inventory, and are trying to get the product off their shelves.  The product is at the end of its shelf life, and has probably lost some of its efficacy.

Additionally, the product could have been counterfeited.   I could purchase bottles, labels, and empty capsules from a wholesaler.  I could take loose tea and fill those capsules, package them and label them.  You would be none the wiser.   stock-photo-homeopathic-supplement-alternative-medicine-vitamin-capsules-225590830

At Abundant Health and Wellness, we go through extreme measures to make sure that we bring you pure, unadulterated products.  If you purchase your supplements elsewhere, we cannot guarantee that you will have the desired results.

Until next time,

Dr. Polly