Believe…. or not

Believe….. this is the current slogan of one of our major department store’s Christmas ads. couched in the ad is that this particular store can provide for all my needs, wants, emotional stability, and instant gratification. In the Christmas season, we are all looking to meet others’ needs, and hoping that others will meet our needs. We need to believe that all things are possible. We need to believe that our gifts will touch just the right chord. We believe in the magic of Christmas.

With all the commercialization of the season, it is easy to become sucked into the marketing of this major retailer. Much of the expectation relies on getting and giving the perfect gifts. Macy’s wants the spending public to understand that at Macy’s and only at Macy’s, dreams can come true, if you only believe. Remember, this is the same retailer who brought us this memory: “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.”

The problem with this slogan is that while Macy’s is a great store, it cannot supply my needs, wants, desires, and expectations. As a grown up, I need to know this. I need to believe that my significance does not rest in the gifts that I lovingly search out and purchase for my family and friends. I need to know that the legacy of who I am is not wrapped up with a tag and a bow, easily discarded after the New Year comes and goes.

What do I believe? The answer to this question is far too long and in-depth to fit into this post, but Macy’s has nothing to do with it…..

Until next time….