"Tracks of my tears….."

There is an old song, which has by way of lyrics a line ‘the tracks of my tears.’ This song was recorded by The Miracles in 1965. According to the love song, the ‘tracks of my tears’ was more real than the ‘smile on my face.’

According to the various press releases, the scientific community has proven that the chemicals in a woman’s tears are a turn-off to the male libido. As I read one article, I was given to understand that if a woman wants to be attractive to her spouse, boyfriend, males in general, then she should hide her tears. The article seemed to imply that tears are unseemly, and should be avoided.

How diametrically opposed is that scientific proof with God’s Word? God sees our tears (both male and female) as so precious that He gathers them up and treasures them. (Psalm 56 ) Not only does God keep my tears, He also writes down the circumstances and situations in His book.

Now, I am not advocating shedding tears at the drop of a hat. However, tears are cleansing agents, releasing trapped emotions, and providing a path toward healing. We need to understand that what is precious to God should be precious to us as well.

Until next time….