Sowing and reaping

Had an interesting guest speaker yesterday at church.  He was a representative for Mercy Ministries, and is a missionary that our church sponsors.  Yesterday was part of our Missions Convention.  One thing that this individual said was that as missionaries, they were responsible to practice what they preached.  Interesting concept, which I fully agree with.  He went on to say that whenever they (he and his wife) receive any gift (financial or otherwise) they sow half (put it back into the ministry) and play with the remainder.  Sounds fair to me.


It just so happened that this missionary couple arrived at the restaurant where my husband and I were having our after service lunch.  In fact, two other couples from the church walked in at the same time, and asked to join us.  We were delighted to oblige.  As the conversation progressed, the missionary couple began to talk about the hospitality basket that the pastoral staff had provided in their room.   Mrs. Missionary went on to talk about the Russell Stover box of chocolates.  My ears perked up, and I asked if she had sown half of that harvest, because chocolates were always a welcome treat.  She laughed, and said she had not, but I was next in line.


We all laughed, and carried on our conversation.   Later that evening, when my family arrived for the end of the mission conference, Mr. Missionary said that Mrs. Missionary had something for me.   I wondered what it could be, as our conversation had covered so many topics over lunch.  I approached her, and she held out the box of chocolates.  Sure enough, the box was half empty, herself enjoying her part of the harvest, and then sowing  the rest in my direction.   I chuckled, and thought, what a great opportunity to play it forward.  I carried that box of chocolates around all evening, in hopes that someone would ask me why,  and I could sow half of my harvest.


The evening consisted of several parts:  meet and greet; dinner; meet and greet; service; and after service general mingling.  I had the box of chocolates in my hand or visible the entire time, and not one person inquired as to the appropriateness of bringing a box of chocolates to a missions conference.


I had high hopes of sowing half my harvest.  There was no fertile ground. I found this very interesting, as almost all the people at the end of the conference had been at the Sunday morning meeting concerning sowing and reaping.   As I have pondered this event, I wondered if there are other instances where I have abundance to sow, but do not see fertile ground.  More importantly, are there opportunities to harvest that I miss?


Just a few points to ponder for a Monday morning,


Until next time,




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