Pimping for Paul

He can talk the talk, but can he walk the walk?

Ron Paul talks about cutting federal spending, but he does not take that attitude when he is flying at the taxpayers’ expense.  He charged the taxpayers nearly $52,000.00 on the price of Continental Airlines tickets as he flies between Washington and Houston.  He is availing himself of first class tickets.  He could have flown coach, and saved us $27,621.00.
It is also interesting to note that at least one Nevada brothel is running a campaign on his behalf.  The campaign is called “I’m Pimping for Paul.”  Fans of this candidate can take advantage of their position when they visit the Moonlite bunny Ranch.  If the client comes in and says: “I’m pimping for Paul’ then he will have the honor of receiving the services of two bunnies for the price of one, according to Dennis Hof, the owner of the brothel.
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