A note from a satisfied customer… :)

Hi Polly,

Awesome is a good word of explanation for the class. Hope you and Steve
are well and having a great week. Thanks for your text the other day. My
total loss was 20.50 inches, so someone must have lost more than me at 21.75 to
be the biggest loser, but we were certainly close.

I am extremely pleased and excited with my weight results surpassing goal
and also my “waist” loss – an amazing 4 inches. Woo hooo! My pants have
never felt better. In fact, some of my jeans and slacks are actually baggy

I would never have believed I could see these great results in such a
short time frame and to continue to feel good throughout was and is
amazing (still have good energy flowing). Now to stay healthy, keep off
what I lost and firm up what’s left are my new goals and challenges.

Thanks again and again for your continued words of encouragement and

Talk soon. Love ya,

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