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My grandest Souvenirs

Recently, The Hubz and I traveled out of the country on business. One of the last texts I received before we left was from my oldest child, asking me to return with souvenirs. It has been my habit while traveling to bring back something for my BFF

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Defining moments….

As mothers, we raise children, set them free and watch them soar.  Of course, this is the best-case scenario.  When we are young and just beginning our families, we have no idea what that family will look like in twenty or thirty years down the road.  When

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A WEBINAR WITH ELLEN TART-JENSEN Iridology and Natural Healing Methods for Children *(Please click on or cut/paste the link or go to the homepage of the IIPA website!)* *Iridology and Natural Healing Methods for Children* In this remarkable webinar, Dr. Ellen Tart-Jensen will review the differences

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