My grandest Souvenirs

Recently, The Hubz and I traveled out of the country on business. One of the last texts I received before we left was from my oldest child, asking me to return with souvenirs. It has been my habit while traveling to bring back something for my BFF and my children.

As I was traveling, I thought about the significance of a souvenir. Why do we purchase them? Why do we love to get them? They remind us of the fun we had. They remind others that we thought of them in that moment when ‘we wish you were here.’

As I continued to ponder the significance of the souvenir, I came to the conclusion that my children are the greatest souvenir in my life. They are the focus of all my ‘crystal moments.’ You know, those moments (good or bad) that are just frozen in time. Those moments that, while they happened years ago, can evoke the same feelings, tears, joy, heartache as if it were happening again right now.

I always ‘wish they were here.’ They are the fabric of my life, and no event is complete unless shared with them. These days, most of the time, this sharing is not in the flesh. My thoughts will often include them in the moment as my memory reaches back to a time when they were about my knees, and the day to day happenings were weighty with promise. I remember the special times: the family jokes, the baby words that are unique to our collective consciousness (and still used today) that would be meaningless to anyone outside the circle.

Yes, the most significant souvenirs in my life are my children. They have no clue. They think that they are out on their own. They see themselves as autonomous adults. They are, but in my heart, they are my treasure.  I re-live every memory, both the grand and the tragic. The memories are hung like ornaments on my heart, and if they could see them, they would know that I am their loudest cheerleader, their most vicious guardian, and the priest who intercedes for them daily.

Yes, the grandest souvenirs of my life are my children.

Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord:
and the fruit of the womb is his reward. Psalm 127:3

Until next time,

Dr. Polly

  • Denise says:

    Awww. Love this one and so very true. They have no idea they are thought about continually!

  • Candy Turner says:

    Great reflection. Made me think of the phrase my whole family uses – “Love you like a tiger!” – courtesy of my niece. She first used that term when she was 3. She’s 49 now.

  • Trina says:

    This is beautiful Dr. Polly!

  • judith Ditrich says:

    Judith says. Your words are so very true. sometimes I think the older I get the richer I become with all the treasured people and priceless moments God has blessed me with over the years.