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Holistic training opportunities

Dear Friends, I just wanted to reach out to you today, and invite you to join me for our annual IIPA Symposium.  The Symposium will be held later this month at the Hilton Gardens Inn in Las Vegas.  You can get all the particulars from IIPA’s website: 

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How effective are my supplements?

As a naturopath, I am often called on for reference material.  Today, a lady called me asking for contraindications for homeopathic remedies.  To the best of my knowledge there are none.  When I asked her about her products, she gave me a brand name, but it was

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EAV testing and pesticide poisons

We do EAV testing at the clinic.  EAV testing stands for Electronic Acupuncture according to Voll.  Dr. Voll was a German scientist and medical doctor who understood the connection between the electromagnetic vibratory signatures of a healthy body and the signatures of a body in dysfunction.  He

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