It's the little things…..

In our busy, gotta slay the dragon world, let’s be sure to remember the little things. The kind word, The smile, The encouraging note or card, It doesn’t take long…  Just a minute or two…. But it makes a world of difference to someone’s day… Be a

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Is the Republican Convention rigged?

This is the question that some political candidates and pundits are asking.  I don’t know if it is rigged, but I would suggest that it is antiquated.   I heard on the news this morning that most of the rules have not been changed in 160 years.    Now

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Beware of Social Media Docs

Like most of you, I have a business FaceBook page.  We find it a great tool to market our business and to share good information with like minded people.  However, I am concerned with some of the posts that I am seeing from pages that I have

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We. The. People. Yes, this is how our Constitution starts. We. The. People.   It is not government handing down edicts from above in their lofty places.   It is we the people from the ground up that govern ourselves. We elect representatives to accomplish the wishes of the

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Warring for Self

Warrior Woman This term has been resounding in my spirit all year. What does it mean? I saw this graphic and I really feel that this is who we are. We all have heard the Helen Reddy song, “I am woman”, (hear me roar!) This was a

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