Generation Rx?

Are we Americans consuming too many drugs? As a holistic practitioner, you would be correct in surmising that I would respond to this question with a resounding YES.

Dr. Amitava Dasgupta, who is an expert in toxicology and clinical chemistry at our own Texas Health Science Center, says that he and other experts fear that “the nation’s over-prescription problem is creating a ‘Generation Rx.’”

The statistics for Harris County state that 1,200 people have died of accidental overdoses since 2006, ‘mostly after taking pain drugs in combination with other prescriptions like the anti-anxiety drug Xanax or alcohol. In many cities, the rate of death by overdose has surpassed traffic accidents.’ The article goes on to say that these doctors believe that the federal government has the power to exert more oversight, but are intimidated by the FDA and big pharma. “If you stop this growth of pain medications, drug companies will face a serious crisis because those are the most prescribed drugs in this country, Dasgupta said, adding that companies are looking for profit margins and ‘we’re concerned that we’re going to create an entire generation that is dependent on drugs.’” (Houston Chronicle, February 7, 2011)

What does this say about us as a nation? Are we that motivated by profit margin, that we endanger our best and brightest? Houston, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach are among the biggest centers in the country for illicit pill mills as stated by the US Drug Czar, A. Thomas McLellan.

Fortunately, holistic practitioners have the knowledge and tools to help clients get off pain medicine should they choose to do so. The Bible says “my people perish for lack of knowledge,’ and I truly believe that this is why many people do not seek holistic treatments. As a population, we are bombarded with commercial advertisements for popular prescriptions, while the other side of healing (herbs and neutraceuticals) does not have the financial resources to mount a national advertising campaign. I am pleased to report that the body knows what to do to heal, and given the right foods, in the right quantities will be able to heal. Prescription drugs will suppress the symptoms of sickness and disease, but are not able to reach down into the cellular level of the tissue and bring health and healing.

While the above stated statistics are grim, there is a growing move toward natural healing in this country. Given a choice of suppressing symptoms or supporting healing, the choice is clear.

Until next time,