Because of redemption of Christ as the sinless substitute for mankind, all of us who assert our legal redemptive blood bought and divine rights, and resist satan can be free from sin, sickness and satanic powers. all believers are now representatives and officers of God’s laws and can dispossess and cast out devils. These representatives have the Power of Attorney to act in Christ’s place now on earth. Real faith proves Satan impotent. What a wonderful thought that satan could be rendered impotent as we believers take our rightful place as administrators of the Grace of God. Too often we become caught up in the things of the day-to-day static, and we forget that we are called to a higher level of living. We have to remember that if satan can distract us with issues and problems, then he can render us ineffective in our sphere of influence. Something to think about…. to whom are we giving our attention? Who are we representing? Until next time, Polly