News on HIV and HPV

HIV and HPV have been in the news lately.  Sexually transmitted diseases are not just bad at the time of contraction, they can mess up your body far into the future.


In the news recently (reported by The Houston Chronicle 10/4/11)  we are told that the MOST popular contraceptive for women in eastern and southern Africa (a hormone shot given every three months) “appears to double the risk the women will become infected with HIV, according to a large study published Monday.   When it is used by HIV positive women, their male partners are twice as likely to become infected than if the women had used no contraception.”


What is concerning in this report is that these women are in Africa, and this form of birth control is very affordable.  The initial costs may be negligible, but the cost in terms of long-term biological effects can be expensive indeed.   Even though this study concerned women in Africa, women in America take hormone injections as well.  The World Health Organization is meeting in January to review the evidence.


In the same edition of the paper, there is an article which states that the HPV virus is tied to the rise in oral cancer.  In fact, this article states that alcohol and tobacco is taking a back seat to the virus in terms of causal effect.


“The HPV virus is best known for causing cervical cancer.  But it can cause cancer in the upper throat too, and a new study says  HPV-positive tumors now account for a majority of these cases of what is called oropharyngeal cancer.”    The article further states that if this trend continues,  oral cancer will become the number one HPV related cancer in the nation, surpassing cervical cancer.


“The new study took a closer look, tracking HPV over time by testing tumor tissue from 271 patients that had been stored in cancer registries in Hawaii, Iowa and Los Angeles. The proportion that were HPV-positive rose from just 16 percent in the late 1980s to nearly 73 percent by the early 2000s.”   HPV- positive tumors were more than tripled during this time period.


I learned in health class that once you have a virus, you can never be totally healed.  We learned that the virus lies dormant in the tissues, mainly the spinal column and the nerves.  This is why people in extreme stress break out in shingles, which is a permutation of the Chicken Pox virus.   However, as a Naturopath, I have learned that there are certain products that have the ability to kill viruses.  For those doubters, please see U.S. Patent #6214299, and U.S. Patent #7135195.


I have personally had clients who came into the office with a diagnosis of HPV.  We used unconventional therapies, and the following visit to the doctor’s office revealed no evidence of this virus.  With technology that can disrupt the progression and life cycle of these viruses, why doesn’t the WHO introduce this therapy to protect these women and their partners?


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