Habits to Break from 2013

All of us are making New Year’s Resolutions.  They usually last about a week or two, but the important thing is that we WANT to do better, and we NEED to do better.   As a former teacher, I know that if someone understands the WHY, there is better compliance.  Today I want to share with you some ‘whys’.

Break the habit of skipping meals.  Most of us want to lose some weight, and skipping a meal seems like the logical thing to do.  However, it is a bad idea.  In order to conserve energy, the body’s metabolism drops, which means we don’t use as many calories.  Fewer calories burned equals increase risk of weight gain.  Missed meals also can trigger insulin spikes, which leads to inflammation.

People who skip breakfast, (the most important meal of the day) are 4.5 times more likely to be obese.  They also raised their heart disease risk by 27%.  Their risk of developing diabetes rose by nearly 25%.

So, one resolution to make and to stick with, would be to maintain healthy meal habits.  Think ahead, plan, and be healthy.

Until next time,

Dr. Polly

Source: Bhatia, Tasneem. “Answers.” Prevention. November 2013: 72.

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