Is poor nutrition rusting you from the inside out? And can you be restored?

As some of you know, (if you have been following me on social media),  I have been taking collagen for about five months.  I originally started taking collagen a few years ago because I had some wear and tear in my joints as a result of an injury. I understand that collagen is the protein that makes up our skin, muscles, ligaments and cartilage.  I initially took the collagen for approximately 3-6 months.   I can’t tell you that I felt any better, and I can’t tell you that I could see any change in my skin.

Around July, 2021, I was introduced to Beauty Focus Collagen which had a guarantee to improve the appearance of my skin, and to additionally increase the absorption of the antioxidants in the fresh fruits and vegetables that I was already enjoying.  Now, anything with a guarantee grabs my attention.

I know that the fresh fruit and vegetables of today are nowhere as nutritious as they were in the 1960s.  There is a new report that compares fresh products from 2002 with the nutrient content of those foods from 1985.

For example, Broccoli had 103 mg of calcium in 1985.  In 2002, it has 28 mg.  That is a 73% decrease in that nutrient.  In 1985 it had 47 mg of folic acid; 2002 it had 30mg which is a loss of 25% over the same time period.   You might ask yourself as I do, why bother?!?

We know that today’s industrial farming practices are not conducive to a high nutrient yield. This is why it is expedient for all people who wish to maintain or restore their health to supplement their food with good quality vitamins.   I am a regular vitamin consumer.  I can tell the difference in my body when I do not take vitamins.  When I learned about the money back guarantee on the collagen, I also learned that this product line had vitamins that were guaranteed to raise your antioxidant level.

  • We know that antioxidants are found in fruits and vegetables.
  • We know that antioxidants stop the internal ‘rust’ that leads to aging.
  • We know that high levels of antioxidants also strengthen our immune systems.

So, I took the plunge.  I had myself scanned to find out where my antioxidant levels were.  After 90 days on the collagen and the vitamins, my score had almost doubled!  I was very pleasantly surprised.  I had not changed the intake of fruits and vegetables at all.  The improvement was totally due to the high-level of supplementation with these products.

I would love to share some of my favorite products with you.  If you are in my area, (North Houston, Texas) come by and let us perform a $20 baseline scan.  We can guarantee your nutritional intake will be reflected in an second scan.  If you are out of the area and would like a scan, let me know, and I will connect you to a partner in your area.

Until next time,

Dr. Polly