EMF and cancer— can a digital detox help?

PING, PING, PING….. if I allow all the notifications that are available (Email, social media, phone and test) my nerves would be shot.  Back in the day when I purchased my first smart phone, I was inundated with notifications all day long.  That was before I learned to change the ring tone to a more soothing tone.  Still, I don’t need an instant notification for social media and email.  I probably don’t need to have notifications for text and phone calls, though those are most urgent.

What I do need is to concentrate on the important tasks of the day:  my family, my business, my employees and my clients.  I cannot do that effectively when my cell phone is interrupting me every few minutes.   Neither can you…..

Taking off the non-urgent notifications silenced my phone for the most part.   For the urgent notifications, I can and do turn off the ringer when I am in appointments or meetings and cannot be disturbed.  However, we are still bombarded with electromagnetic frequencies, which have the potential to trigger cancer in the body.

We need to have free time and space with little or no radiation exposure.  Taking a digital holiday can help.  This may be a completely new idea to you.  You might even be thinking….omgoodness!  I could not be disconnected from my social media accounts.  You can…. There once was a time not too long ago when no one had cell phones or social media accounts.  Life went on…..

How do you disconnect?   One of my tricks is to turn on the ‘do not disturb’ function on my phone.  I have set my phone do go to this mode every day from 10:00 pm – 6 am.   This gives me uninterrupted sleep.  I think everyone should adopt a similar schedule as sleep is a necessary component for health.  There are other ways to achieve a digital free space:

  • Choose a time where you are least likely to be needed
  • Mark this time in your calendar
  • Explain to your family and friends why you are needing/doing this
  • Put your devices out of sight/out of temptation
  • Plan activities to fill the free space
    • Board games with children
    • Conversation and coffee with friends
    • Complete projects that have languished when you have been ‘too busy’
    • Read a book or two
    • Work in your garden
    • Take a hike
    • The opportunities are limitless

Besides the free time you will have, you will also decrease the harmful radiation that abounds in our environment today.  Electro-smog is a real thing, and it affects our blood in ways that can trigger cancer.





Until next time,

Dr. Polly