Flu Shots, Anyone?

Should I take the flu shot?

 I was asked this question today.  Of course, not being a medical doctor, I cannot give medical advice.  What I can tell you is that my family and I do not take the flu shot.   Am I concerned about the flu?  Not really.

 Have you ever noticed that the people who take the flu shot are the same people to actually get the flu?  Taking the flu shot does not provide insurance against getting the flu.  Taking the flu shot may shorten the duration of the flu by only one day. 

On the other hand, I have read (and learned in my course work) that taking vaccinations can severely damage the immune system.  There is quite a bit of research which links the rise of autism in children to the heavy metals in the vaccine serum.  There is also research that shows a link in the rise of Alzheimer’s as a residual effect of the vaccines in mature adults.  There are plenty of websites out there, (legitimate web sites) which show this evidence.

 So back to the question, “Am I concerned about the flu?”  No.  My family protects itself against the various flu infections by taking some natural antibiotics.  Three products that I use to protect against the flu are:  Seasonal Defense, Prevention, and Olive Leaf Extract.  All of these Nature Sunshine products are natural sources of prevention.  They work, not by injecting the body with harmful organisms, but by strengthening the immune system.   A strong immune system is the best defense against any seasonal bug.  Of course, we work all year-long on maintaining a good immune system.  However, we amp it up during the ‘at risk season’ (August through the end of flu season). 

 How are you protecting your family through natural means?  I would love to hear your success stories…..