Your help is urgently needed NOW!

Dear Friends of Health Freedom:

Your help is urgently needed NOW!

What’s Happening: Texas HB 1716 and SB 1084-the Texas health freedom bills that protect consumer access to herbalists, naturopaths, homeopaths and many other unlicensed complementary and alternative health care practitioners-have been introduced and are headed to a hearing. The Texas Health Freedom Coalition, Texas Sunshine Health Freedom Foundation and many other health freedom organizations are working hard to get this Health Freedom bill passed for the citizens of Texas. We believe that this is our best opportunity to make this happen.

Representative John Garza sponsored HB 1716 in the House, and Senator Jeff Wentworth sponsored SB 1084 in the Senate.

What the Bill Does: Our bill is called the “Complementary and Alternative Health Care Services Bill.” It will give consumers the freedom to access natural health care services and will protect the practices of unlicensed natural health practitioners like us.

Read bill HB 1716

Read bill SB 1084

How You Can Help: Get involved and make your voices heard now!

• Write letters, send e-mails or call committee members immediately. We are expecting a hearing in the next two weeks. Our legislative session will be over by May 31st, and the committee members have requested to hear from concerned Texans now.

• Come to the hearing in Austin, support Health Freedom, give your testimony on behalf of the bill.

• Send the attached one-page fax to the senators on the Health and Human Services Committee. PLEASE write a short personal note on your fax because it will have a much greater impact with the legislators.

Download and print the one-page fax (PDF)
Contact Legislators
1. Distribute the attached one-page Call to Action fax: Our legislators want to hear from concerned Texans. If you are a constituent of any of the Senate Committee members, please add a personal note on your fax asking them to support the bill, and tell them that you are in their district. If not, please send your Call to Action fax to the Committee Chair. Fax# (512)463-9889 Download the attached one-page fax letter.

2. E-mail or call members of the Public Health Committee and the Health & Human Services Committee:

• Call from 8 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday. Your phone message might be: “I strongly support HB 1716 or SB 1084 – the Complementary & Alternative Health Care Services Bill. It supports my rights as a consumer in TX to an educated choice in natural health care providers.”

• Suggestions for personal letter or e-mail:

— Tell the legislators why it is important for you to have access to the natural health practitioners of your choice.

— Give a brief testimony of how natural health care services have benefitted you and your family or friends.

— If you have a small business, tell them how your services benefit Texans and provide options for people to achieve optimal health at a low cost. People who are accountable for their own health save Texas millions of dollars in health care costs.

— Begin your letter with Dear Representative or Senator _______. Be sure to include the bill number (RE: Yes on HB 1716 or Yes on SB 1084).

Health & Human Services Committee Fax # (512)463-9889
Nelson, Jane (Chair) 463-0112 Fax: 463-0923
Deuell, Robert (Vice Chair) 463-0102 Fax:463-7202
Huffman, Joan 463-0117 Fax:463-0639
Nichols, Robert 463-0103 Fax:463-1526
Patrick, Dan 463-0107 Fax:463-8810
Rodriguez, Jose 463-0129 Fax:463-7100
Uresti, Carlos 463-0119 Fax:463-1017
West, Royce 463-0123 Fax:463-0299
Zaffirini, Judith 463-0121 Fax:475-3738
Sponsor: Wentworth, Jeff 463-0125 Fax:463-7794
Please call him and thank him for sponsoring our bill.

Public Health Committee Ph (512)463-0806 and Fax# (512)463-0900
Kolkhorst, Lois 463-0600
Alvarado, Carol 463-0732
Coleman, Garnet 463-0524
Davis, Sarah 463-0389
Gonzales, Veronica 463-0578
King, Susan 463-0718
Laubenberg, Jodie 463-0186
Naishtat, Elliott 463-0668
Schwertner, Charles 463-0309
Truitt, Vicki 463-0690
Zerwas, John 463-0657
Sponsor: Garza, John 463-0706
Please call him and thank him for sponsoring our bill.