Infectious disease on the increase…..

‘The first decade of the 21st century has already produced a new rogues’ gallery of infectious threats: SARS, pandemic H1N1 influenza, the deadly Nipah virus, the first confirmations of dengue virus transmission in the United States since the 1920s and a deadly new bunyavirus recently discovered by UTMB scientists in China.’ (The Houston Chronicle, 4/25 /11) The article goes on to mention that there are several antibiotic resistant infectious diseases that scientists are trying to find solutions for.

Fortunately, those of us in holistic health know that God has already provided remedies for these plagues. For one thing, non-standardized herbs change from year to year, and provide a natural defense to the current influx of infectious organisms. The second item that I would reach for is elemental silver, with Aqua Sol technology. This product has been proven effective for MRSA, SARS, and a host of other germs. I keep this product handy, and take it when I travel. I am blessed to say that recently I have been in and out of conventions, airports, and classrooms, and have not fallen prey to the infections that some of my colleagues have. I put it down to the proactive approach I use when entering into a target rich environment and the hands-on measures I use to keep my immune system charged.

We do not have to live in fear, but we cannot afford to neglect the tools at our disposal. Visit my website at for a list of videos, products, and other tools to use in your positive approach to health.

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