My doctor made me cry…. Final

It was interesting to hear from you that some of you have had to take this same medication.  I am glad that my story is relevant.

To get back to my story, I went for my first follow-up visit, and was told to continue on the drops.  Because of my product knowledge, and not wanting to get a superinfection, I decided to follow a holistic route.  Because I am not a medical doctor, I cannot tell you what I did, as the feds could construe that information as ‘prescribing’, and I am not allowed to diagnose or prescribe.


However, what I will tell you is that on my second follow-up visit, the doctor looked and then reexamined at my eye through the slit-lamp.  He said that he was amazed that I had healed so quickly, as these types of infections that about two to three weeks to heal, and I was (at one week) 90% healed.    He advised me to continue on the medication for a further week, six times daily.

I believe that my holistic approach has accomplished a total healing.  I believe that the doctor, because of ‘standard of care’ rules and because of the litigious nature of our society erred on the side of caution in pronouncing me 90% healed.   He did not require a third follow-up, which he surely would have done, had I still had an infection.

In conclusion:   Every individual is responsible for his health.  I appreciate the knowledge and experience of the medical profession.  However, I cannot leave my brain at the door of his office, and let him take responsibility for my health.   I was very offended at his arrogance in the statement “I am a specialist….”   He may be.  I am a specialist and an advocate for my own health, and as such, I need the knowledge and the tools afforded to me to make the best decision for my wellbeing.   It is not good for me to be cowed into following advice that is clearly harmful (as per the patient information).

I hope that you are encouraged to take a proactive role in your own health.   Do take the advice of your health care professionals, but also weigh that information against the known risks.  Research alternatives that may afford you a better result.


Until next time,





  • P. L. says:

    So proud of you for being so proactive with your health in this situation!! Great results!

    • Thanks, Pat…. You know, it was very hard and very scary to think outside the box. Even though I KNOW that drugs have side effects, like others, I am conditioned to think that the doctor knows best. He doesn’t know BEST. He knows drugs. I know herbs and supplements. I had to balance what I knew, and what he knew, and make the best choice I could.

      Now, some of you think holistic medicine is eye of newt and ear of bat, but seriously, there are good products that have patents, proving that they work. To be clear, I do not advocate fly by night ideas or practices. Holistic medicine works.