The duplicity of protesters

We did attend The Response on Saturday, and were very pleased with the positive atmosphere inside the stadium.  True to their promises, the speakers were apolitical, and general love toward all men was the sentiment of the rally.


When we left the arena, we noticed a small biplane circling the arena.  According to the banner, it was sponsored by Freedom from Religion.  As we headed toward the highway, we did see the thirty or so protesters who were on the opposite side of the entrance from the participants.  They were shouting and had vitriolic messages concerning God’s wrath for the participants of the prayer and fasting event.


As we watched the news coverage Saturday evening, we heard that Mayor Parker was hosting a Ramadan feast for the Muslims of the city at the George R. Brown Convention center.  There was not a protest to be seen from the ACLU or the Freedom from Religion group.  I glanced through Sunday and today’s paper, and did not find a mention of this event.   Surely religious event is also a violation of the ‘separation of Church and State.’


Here are some observations:

  1. The local television media focused on the protestors rather than the participants of The Response
  2. The newspaper ran a front page article concerning The Response, and showed two photos of participants with one photo of protesters.
  3. The television news announced the annual Ramadan feast, but I could not find a mention of it in the newspaper.
  4. There were no protests concerning the Ramadan feast from laity or pastoral staff concerning the separation issue.


What can we conclude from this:    Separation of church and state only applies to the Christian religious events.  If this is the case, and the two events this weekend are the only evidence presented here, then really, the issue is not about separation of church and state, but separation of Christ and state.  Judging from the numbers of participants (thirty thousand) and protesters (thirty), it would seem that if we have a government ‘of the people, by the people and for the people,’ this separation is really a non issue.


It is my prayer and my hope that the Christian church will once again rise up and take its rightful place in our society.


What do you think?


Until next time,




  • Ben Hoffman says:

    Religious people are wackos. I mean, really… Do you really believe that some guy was born to a virgin mother and was resurrected? And all this business about heaven and hell. That’s a children’s story — not one for grownups.

    • I am sure that religous people have their share of wackos, just like any other sub-group of society. Yes, I do believe in the virgin birth and the resurrection. Time will tell concerning heaven and hell. At least the way I believe, I dont have anything to lose. You on the other hand, have everything to lose if you are wrong.

    • Ben, Ben Ben… It’s so impossible for ‘some guy’ to be born to a virgin and resurrected, yet capabilities exist for him to be born inside a test tube and his DNA multiplied into many resurrections. There’s no Heaven and Hell, yet the core of the Earth is full of hot magma and NASA telescopes give us pictures of beauty that can’t be found on here. You are right Ben, it is a children’s book… It’s a Science book for elementary school kids and it applies to all of us whether you wanna be a wacko or not.

  • Ruth says:

    Its interesting that the numbers of 30 (the age Jesus started his teachings)…..for every one thousand people there was one protestor….now that speaks volumes …there is a revival going on in this country… it would be interesting to know how many people were watching via the live feed and add them into the amount of people attending. I could not attend due to work, but was watching via the live feed.

  • Great observations, and written fairly and objectively; at least from my perspective as a Unitarian. Well said!

  • Kathy Lee Leath says:

    I am so proud of our Gov. Perry, he stood up for a politically incorrect topic of praying God heal our land and country. I was unaware of the muslim luncheon hosted by the mayor. Does the mayor host a luncheon for Christian leaders? There is a movement by muslim / islamic to gain control in America; each should worship as they choose; American history includes God and Christian principles, no government should favor one religion over another, we are protected by our constitution to our expressions honoring God. Someone may not want to honor God, then don’t, it’s your choice not to participate, don’t limit mine. Again, I’m proud of Gov. Perry and he has won my vote as a leader.