The Ultimate in Child Care

I get to babysit Isaac this weekend.  I don’t get to do this often, because Isaac lives about two hours north of us.  His parents are celebrating their anniversary, and we will have him for a full day and night.  We have not had this much control, (responsibility) for this length of time.   It is a little daunting.  We are up to the task, as we have raised our own children, which is a 24/7 job.   I am just out of practice.    Being a babysitter is a huge responsibility.  I have to answer to the parents, and they trust me to take care of their most precious belonging.

In thinking about this, I remember my own sense of responsibility with my own children.  As you may know, my children are pushing 30 years of age.   I have not been a stay at home mom for many years.  However, just because I do not have the full day-to-day responsibility for my children does not mean that I do not feel their pain, cry when they cry, wish for the days when I could hold them in my lap and kiss away all the pain.

Mothers and fathers of grown children will know and understand these feelings. 

Because I am a pray-er, I constantly cover my adult children with prayer, and bring them before the Lord on a daily basis.   I mourn for the lack of day-to-day interaction, but I know that I have a safe deposit box full of precious promises for my children.   You see, my children will always be my children, regardless of their ages.   I will always want to make their world perfect.  I will always long to kiss away the boo-boos.

As I was contemplating and praying about the care of Isaac and my own grown children, I became acutely aware that just as I will be watching over Isaac while his parents are out of reach, my Heavenly Father watches over my children, and is able to provide for them in ways that I cannot.  In fact, He is the ultimate babysitter.  We can trust Him with our children, no matter what their ages.  He is never out of practice, and His lap is big enough for even grown children.

Until next time,


  • Ruth says:

    Love it Polly. Something i do everyday is please Lord watch over my children, family and freinds.
    I have not yet had the pleasure of having my grandson come stay with me overnight yet. I Pray that it will someday come to pass, that my children will bless me with the responsibility of careing for Owen.
    A huge daunting task, his first tooth came in yesterday.
    My children still come to me when they need that comfort, that hug or kiss those boo boos that hurt, though it seems as they grow older, they move away and begin their own lives and i have an empty nest. I miss them all so much, but I too give that one up to the God. He watches, protects and hears my prayers to cover them.