Traveling with goo….

I travel quite a bit.  I have adjusted my packing routine to accommodate the new TSA guidelines.  I know to double bag the liquids, so in case of a spill, I am safe.


This weekend I did not travel by air, so no need to worry about how many ounces I could take in my carry on.  In fact, all my luggage was carry on, and I carried it down the stairs, to the car; up the stairs to the hotel room.  Though I did not have to count the ounces, I did just grab my little pouch of goodies that I keep ready for trips.


When I opened my bags at the hotel, the small bottle of body wash had spilled, coating everything I had in the bag in peach foam.  I did not think too much of it; after all, this had not happened before, and I figured I was due.  The remainder of the trip was uneventful, as was the drive home.  When I started to unpack, I pulled out some items from a different little bag that were also covered in goo.  How can this be? What are the chances?  Yes, some hair goop, had overheated in the car, lost its stiffness, and had oozed out all over the remaining items in the bag.

As a side note, but really relating to this issue, during the downtime at the conference, I started reading “Get out of that Pit,” by Beth Moore.


My friends Cerise and her husband Jerry have a thought. They think that what happens in the physical realm is indicative of and a metaphor for what is going on in the spiritual realm.  When I met them back in 1997, this thought was a new one to me, and I have throughout the years considered the physical occurrences in light of what might be happening in the unseen realm.   From time to time, I can make the connection, and then there are times when I am at a total loss.


As I sit here this morning, I am getting messages from both sides:  Pits are slimy and gooey.  The only travel mishaps I encountered were slimy and gooey.  In light of my friends’ insight, I need to examine where I am.  Am I in a pit: going toward a pit; coming out of the pit?


Where are you?  What signals are you getting in the physical that may relate to what is happening in the spiritual realm?  It is an interesting thought and an important consideration.


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