Vacillation over Vaccinations

Quite a bit of controversy is hitting the printed media these days regarding vaccinations.  If one reads the material closely, one thing is constant with all the pieces: Babies and toddlers do not have fully developed immune systems.


“But they [virus] are still around, and can be particularly harmful to babies and young children whose immune systems are still developing.” (The Houston Chronicle 10/5/11)

This is the key statement in many pro-vaccination pieces.  The immune systems of children are not developed enough to handle the stress presented by injecting these developing humans with deadly disease fragments (however denatured) in serum loaded with heavy metals and other contaminates.   See video:


What is equally alarming is the statements that say what most of us already know:  These vaccinations are not effective enough/long enough to mitigate the risks:  “The Pediatrics survey follows other recent news raising concerns among infectious disease specialists, including a study showing the whooping-cough vaccine seems to lose much of its effectiveness after just three years—faster than doctors have thought—perhaps contributing to recent major outbreaks, most notably in California.” (Houston Chronicle, October 3, 2011)


Other interesting facts that concerned parents should consider:  The study released online Monday in the journal Pediatrics, has as its lead author Dr. Amanda Dempsey, who “has been a  paid adviser to Merck on issues regarding a vaccine given to older children.” Dr. Buddy Creech, who is associate director of Vanderbilt University’s Vaccine Research Program, also “has served on advisory boards for vaccine makers, and has accepted their research money.”  (Houston Chronicle October 3, 2011)


It is interesting that the government is concerned that more and more parents are refusing to vaccinate their children at all, or are vaccinating them at a later time, when their children’s immune systems are more able to cope with the stresses of the vaccination.  Thank you for being part of that proactive group of parents.


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