Here is the skinny on Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo.

I am sure you have heard the recent news concerning the cancer causing ingredients in the bottles of Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo. Below are the facts, in condensed version.

• Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Shampoo sold in the U.S. contains two hazardous ingredients—1,4-dioxane and quaternium-15—which are not found in the product sold to certain other countries. J&J’s “Naturals” brand also does not contain these ingredients, yet the company still claims they’re working on reformulating their Baby Shampoo “as quickly as we can safely and responsibly do so.”
• For more than two years, The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics has urged J&J to remove the offending ingredients. The Campaign is now calling for a boycott until the company complies.
• Other hazardous ingredients found in many shampoos and personal care products include parabens, DEA, and propylene glycol. Baby products that contain 2 bromo, 2 nitropropane, 3-DIOL, sodium borate, and oxybenzone should also be avoided.
• To avoid toxic hazards, look for the USDA organic seal, and/or use the Environmental Working Groups Skin Deep site to evaluate products before settling on a purchase.
• Action items include voting with your pocketbook and refusing to buy J&J’s Baby Shampoo until they’ve removed the toxic ingredients; signing the petition to Johnson & Johnson; and contacting your Congressman to support the Safe Cosmetics Act of 2011.

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