Christian Reality Show—-really????

I heard it on the news, and I read it in the paper.  Lakewood’s Joel and Victoria Osteen are in negotiations for a reality television show about their successful missions outreaches.   Am I the only one who has a problem with this?

Don’ get me wrong, I am all for missions.  I support them both financially and personally.   It is the idea of turning something altruistic into what was described in the paper as ‘entertainment.’   Reality shows are all about the ‘hype.’   At least the ones I have seen are.  I don’t particularly like them for that reason.   The newspaper went on to describe this proposed new reality television program in the same ilk as Sister Wives, and All American Muslim.    Seriously, is this the type of program that would be honoring to Christianity?

Christianity is having a hard enough time with regard to respect in today’s post Christian era.  If part of the Body of Christ initiates a forum where every fault and foible were on display, what is the anticipated response from society?   Remember we live in a contentious culture.  Just this week, politicians were castigated for making mistakes in their speeches.  Surely, if the American people are not forgiving in something so mundane as a slip of the tongue, what will they do with a slip of the halo?

The Bible instructs us to do our alms in secret, so that the Father can reward us openly.  (Matthew 6:4-6)   In fact, that scripture states that if we do our good deeds for recognition, then we have, in fact, already received our rewards.    With all due respect, I hope the leadership at Lakewood Church forgoes opportunity.

Am I over reacting?  What do you think?

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  • Bunny Casey (Verna) says:

    Polly, I am sure it will be pretty scripted so they look good but that does not make it a reality show.
    I hate to see God’s work shown in this way. Anyone else feel this is a good thing?

    • I understand scripted. However, having been on the mission field, I know that things do not always go as planned, and people become frustrated, and attitudes are sometimes less than optimal. Christians are allowed to have faults, but I think that the left-wing media will focus and showcase those issues. I pray I am wrong.

  • As a spoken word poet, Marcus has traveled around the country and performed for national television, with a monthly show on SCETV in the works.