Do not be deceived; protect your health freedoms

As a Naturopath, one of my biggest concerns is helping people discern between fact and fiction when issues of health are at stake.  According to a recent edition of 60 Minutes, Jack Abramoff, former lobbyist gave some startling statistics with regard to policy making in Washington.   If you have ever wondered why the government is pushing health care, and in particular, flu shots, the short summary below may be of help to you.

What you may not know is that the government’s pension fund is heavily funded with stocks from different pharmaceutical companies.  It is in the politician’s best interest for you to visit your doctor, take your Rx, and continue the cycle of suppressing symptoms.

What could your health look like if instead of lobbying for inorganic drugs that only suppress symptoms; the lobbyist would champion our rights to make the personal choices that come with assessing our health.  We would have the opportunity to make an informed choice, and not just follow the allopathic model because ‘that’s what the doctors say.’

This is the sad state of affairs as reported:

  • Jack Abramoff explains how he influenced Congress for years; was caught breaking the law and sent to federal prison. He shares many of the dirty secrets that he and other lobbyists use to steal the government away from you. Since he already served prison time for this, he can’t go back to jail for what he reveals
  • The pharmaceutical industry is the largest lobby in the U.S. Last year, the industry spent over $244 million lobbying for favorable legislation and tax breaks
  • The most effective strategy employed by industry and lobby groups is the promise of extremely lucrative jobs once their service on the Hill is over. Similarly, revolving doors between industry and the federal agencies that oversee them have caused untold harm by hampering health freedom and promoting corporate interests
  • According to Abramoff, to curtail this type of corruption within the halls of Congress, members of Congress and their staff must be prohibited from ever becoming lobbyists once they leave office

With all this coming at you from Washington, what can you do to inform yourself?  There are plenty of options, but one that I support is     If you look at site, you will have an opportunity to put your name on petitions that are intended to bring the opinions of like-minded persons into the desks of the policy makers.

Join me in letting your voice for health freedom be heard.

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