Electromagnetic Frequencies and live blood cell analysis

Electromagnetic Frequencies

This is something that everyone who uses an iPad, iPhone, smart phone of any type, laptop and desktop computers should know.


The body runs on electromagnetic frequencies.  When other frequencies are introduced, if not screened and monitored, these additional frequencies will interfere with the body’s function.


I see clients from time to time who come in with hypersensitivity to the electromagnetic framework of their environment.  I have watched videos of live blood analysis, which shows the drastic changes that these additional frequencies have on the body.


Because I use these devices and more importantly because my grandchildren love the videos on the iPad, I have researched diodes which will shield the body from these additional frequencies.  We now carry these diodes at our clinic.


Please watch the video below, and take measures to protect yourself and those you love.






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  • Chris says:

    This is interesting stuff. Are there any peer reviewed studies on this formation I could follow up with? What about these diodes? How do they work? Do you have any research on how they protect the blood and what their actual effectiveness is?


    • This article references many scholarly articles: http://www.consumeraffairs.com/news04/study_cell_phone_tumor.html You can do a simple google search, or look at other videos on YouTube.

      Diodes are effective in that they harmonize the emfs so that the body’s tissue is not interfered with. The diodes I use make this claim: The Diode Formula restructures and realigns non-toxic natural ingredients at the molecular level, creating a harmonious effect on the human body and will also counteract harmful EMFs.

      Our products are tested on the sophisticated German Voll Dermatron Machine and the BodyScan Machine with excellent results. These machines measure the flow of energy along your body meridians. The Diode has also been tested using Thermal Imaging, a test that measures and records heat emissions, Live Red Blood Cell testing, using live blood to see how it responds to electronic devices that emit EMF radiation and by using kinesiology. Conclusion: Thermal imaging shows that heat emissions were BLOCKED with the use of the Cell-Phone Diode. Conclusion: By using live blood testing they found with no Diode protection applied to the cell phone, laptop or I-Pod the blood clumps together, which interferes with the delivery of oxygen. When the Diode was applied to the Cell Phone, Laptop and I-Pod in every case the test subject’s blood showed no negative effects caused by exposure to electromagnetic field radiation.

      I found that research very powerful.