Hope for Change….

I had the occasion to watch the RNC this week.  It was a pleasant change from the reruns that are currently on television.     I don’t so much watch television, as I listen to it.   No, I do not have vision problems, I am usually multi-tasking, and my eyes are on my other task, be it reading, looking at FB on my iPad, or playing a killer game of solitaire.

Yesterday, I looked at FB early in the morning, and read the post of a young man of my acquaintance.  He was bemoaning the fact that he had no suitable candidate to vote for.  In fact, he said he should  just shoot himself in the face, given the other option, which was voting.  Here is the exact quote:  Wanting to shoot myself in the face knowing these 2 guys are who I have to choose from! (I would never shoot myself in the face) lol.

My acquaintance is somewhat of a Bible thumper.  His facebook is full of  controversial quotes, and he often solicits debate as to what the scriptures really mean.  I usually do not enter in to these types of dialogue, as I find that they tend to stir up strife among the participants.  That being said, his political comment, (if you can call it that) really got my blood boiling.

Why?  Possibly because I am a Christian.  Possibly because I am a grandmother who has voted in every election since I became of age.   Possibly because I heard the whiney attitude of the entitled, to which we have become accustomed though not inured.

As a Christian, we know from the scriptures that God has His hand in the leadership of the country.  Even when we don’t like what that leader is doing.  Even when we think that our country is going in the wrong direction.  Even when we are faced with an election, and our guy, whomever that was is not on the ticket.   (Romans 13:1-3)

As a grandmother, the comment brought back memories of children who, when things did not go their way, decided to take their toys and go home.  This is such a selfish attitude, especially when the state of the nation is at stake.  As to the attitude of entitlement, yes, I agree, we are entitled.  We are entitled to participate fully in the political process of our election.  We are entitled to have our say.  We are entitled to make a difference, even if our guy, whomever that is, is not on the stage.

Everyone of us is entitled to make a difference.  We can make a difference with our vote.  We can also make a difference with our prayers, and we can make a difference by debate.  We cannot make a difference if we choose to ‘shoot myself….’     I know this young man, and I don’t think that he was suicidal.  I do think he may be fatalistic, which is not in keeping with his public identity as a Christian.  Trying to see it from a thirty-something viewpoint, I can almost understand his attitude.  Unfortunately, he had not lived long enough to have been inspired by great statesmen.  I don’t know what he reads, but giving him the benefit of the doubt that he has been exposed to great statesmen, I am not sure he has lived in a time where he could experience, first hand, the pride of being born an American.

You see, I have been fortunate  to have been in school when it was popular to recite the Pledge of Allegiance every morning with my little hand over my little heart.  In elementary school, not only did we sing America the Beautiful, but we also learned all the patriotic folk songs.   To this day, I cry when I go to a ball game, or the race track and hear the Star Spangled Banner.   I remember how our boys were brought home from Viet Nam, and the disgraceful way that they were received back into our midst.   I am so thankful that we now have Wounded Warrior Project, so our military does not suffer the same disrespectful welcome home.   I hold two post-graduate degrees, and I have lived abroad for many years.  From this broad perspective, I understand that as a nation, we must fight, interact, and participate in order to remain a positive force in the world.

It is time for the younger generations to quit bellyaching and belly up to the challenge of keeping our country strong.

God Bless America!

Until next time,