Weighing in on Wheat

We just came across this article a few days ago on health risks associated with eating modern wheat, and the benefits observed abstaining from it. It is a thought-provoking article, especially if you have had any of the symptoms or conditions mentioned here.

Weighing In on Wheat
Doctor, Author William Davis Shares Insight into Modern Wheat Woes from a Human Health Perspective William Davis, M.D., is the bestselling author of Wheat Belly, a book that advances a radical idea. Davis believes that modern wheat, even the whole grain wheat touted as a cornerstone of good eating for decades, lies at the heart of many current health woes. As he details in his book, Davis finds many of his patients recovering from obesity, type 2 diabetes, reflux disease and a host of other maladies after eliminating wheat products from their diet.

Moreover, he says he can back up his experience with hard science. Davis’ arguments go beyond simple avoidance of gluten, and in fact he is a critic of the gluten-free trend, especially as it’s being marketed by the food industry, ever quick to adapt to new consumer preferences.

The tenets Davis advocates in his funny, forceful style also clash with an emerging consensus that emphasizes excessive consumption of fructose in combination with glucose – sugar -as the chief enemy of public health. One thing that’s certain is the novelty of the wheat varieties created in the wake of the Green Revolution of the 1960s, which Davis argues persuasively constitute something new under the sun where human health is concerned.
– Chris Walters
William Davis, M.D.

ACRES U.S.A. How did a cardiologist from Milwaukee find himself in the forefront of a crusade against wheat?

WILLIAM DAVIS. It started because what I do in my practice is try to understand why
people have heart disease and correct it for them. The conventional answers in heart
disease are pretty unsatisfactory – doing such things as cutting fat, eating more
healthy whole grains and having your cholesterol and blood pressure checked. Take
Lipitor and take blood pressure medicine. Very unsatisfactory, so I started asking why people have heart disease, and what can we do to correct it? One of the realities of this approach is that if you want to fully disable all the things that lead to heart disease, you cannot be diabetic or pre-diabetic. We know that people with diabetes have a much higher risk for heart disease, even pre-diabetics do. I wanted a Simple way with minimum, or perhaps no, drugs to get rid of or at least minimize..

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