Must children 'earn' the right to desks in classrooms?

Just had some disturbing news from a mother with whom  I am acquainted.  She had just hung up the telephone, where she had been engaged with the Assistant Superintendent concerning her son. He attends middle school in Texas.

The mom was telling me that her son and two other boy students are not allowed to sit in a desk in the classroom, as they had not earned enough points to sit at a desk.  What????

I have taught school, and I know that children sitting in a desk is more conducive to learning than students  sitting on the floor.  Not sure what the teacher’s reasoning is behind having the students ‘earn’ the right to sit in a desk.  I thought that was what my tax dollars paid for.

Does this happen in your school?  Can anyone explain the rationale?  I urge all parents to call their schools, and make sure that their students are allowed to sit in classroom furniture and learn!

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Dr. Polly

  1. The idea of “earning” the right to sit at a desk reminds me of a true story of a teacher who had all desks removed from her classroom at the beginning of the school year. She asked her students to tell her why they believed they had the right to sit at a desk. Her purpose was to help them realize that the opportunity to get an education is a privilege. Their desks were brought in and put in place in a timely manner after a lively group discussion. She had received permission from the principal to conduct this exercise. It was not a form of punishment, but a life lesson. Humiliation does not produce positive results.

    • Yes, I know that story. The Military brought out the chairs. This was a lesson in patriotism and self respect. There is no such lesson here. I am outraged. This is happening in my community, and if my children were involved, the media would be involved. There is no place for humiliation in the classroom.

      • I agree! Teachers were plentiful in my family, and their motivation to build esteem was evident. I suspect this teacher was exposed to a completely different environment.

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