Fear mongering and viruses

  1. Hello Dr. Polly,

    I have met you’d several times at the AG Women’s Conferences. I thoroughly enjoy learning from you.

    My son has an issue with excessive sweating. I am not exaggerating. He will be in air conditioning and he will have sweat under his arm pits all the way down to his waist. This happens even in winter. He can not carry a wallet in his pocket because it gets wet. He will get up from sitting and the chair will be wet. His feet stay wet all the time. He has learned to deal with it but he has been picked on & made fun of all his life. He at one time wanted surgery to have the under arm issue “fixed”. He found out from someone who had the surgery thatjust caused it to get worse somewhere else. He has used clinical strength deodorants/antiperspirant & the ones from the health stores to no avail. I know there are prescriptions but we have concerns about that. Is there anything natural that he can use to help this? He is 24 years old and this has been a lifelong issue. He recently graduated last December from college & is working on his Masters. He just accepted a job as Head Band Director/Music Director. As you know, in this profession he will be having to have his arms up quite a bit which will reveal his issue daily.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    God bless,
    Ellen Fowler

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