Fear mongering and viruses

There is a good deal of fear mongering in the news at the moment: Ebola, West Nile virus etc.   The reason that people are afraid is because they know that these viruses are tricky to treat in the allopathic model. If you are not familiar with that term, it includes everything in western medicine: Rx, imaging, blood tests, and over the counter drugs. However, in the holistic model, and even better, in the homeopathic model, things are quite different.

In the allopathic model, the doctor will look at your symptoms, and he will decide a course of treatment after he had properly diagnosed the problem. This can be through symptoms alone, a culture, or through blood work.   A holistic doctor or a homeopathic doctor will look for the cause of the symptoms. The cause is ALWAYS because the immune system is compromised.

The body is designed and arranged with all it needs in order to survive. We are programmed to survive. However, we live in a world where we do not treat the body according to the manufacturer’s directions and design; therefore, the body oftentimes does not have the building blocks it needs in order to repair itself and/or cast off unwanted invaders, be they parasites, germs or virus.

Every Holistic practitioner knows that no one has the power to cure diseases or heal the human body EXCEPT the owner of that human body. It is incumbent upon the owner to research and learn how the body works and then work in a way that strengthens the systems in that body.

The human body is organic, and as such must have organic supplements, (food, vitamins, etc) in order to repair. The design of the body is to take nutrition into the body via foods, and then the body’s internal chemistry extracts what the body needs, and the excess is literally flushed away.

However, these days, we eat foods made in a plant rather than foods grown as a plant. We pick foods off the vine and off the branches before they are ripe, and then we ship them and gas them to force them to ripen. We denature foods to make them ‘low fat’ ‘low cal’ ‘diet’ and other such ‘varieties’ and in so doing, we strip the food of what it needs to actually be ‘food’.   Because we do not feed the body properly, the body uses all its innate reserves, and then manifests ‘symptoms’ in order to get our attention.

Instead of changing our ways, we head to the pharmacy to get a chemical to stop the symptom. This works very well for at time. However, because we ARE a survival organism, the body will throw out another symptom, often deeper and more painful to get our attention. If we are smart, we will treat our bodies in the manner in which they were designed. Sadly, we do not.

Knowledge is power. When you understand that the body is its own little chemical plant, and it can distill from foods, organic supplements, herbs and minerals what it needs to repair itself, then there is no fear from unwanted invaders.

Well, that just sounds too simplistic, you might be saying.   Don’t misunderstand me. I am not saying do nothing. I am saying surround yourself with people who know how to navigate these difficult days. Seek knowledge. Seek out trained and licensed professionals with a proven track record. Do your own research.

At our clinic, we don’t heal anyone. We do provide education, information, and resources to help our clients make the best decisions they can. When our clients take advantage of this information and support, they begin to change their lifestyles, change their eating habits, and they start to feel better. They nourish the systems that are weak, and most importantly, they stop doing what is breaking their bodies down.

Now, back to original premise, the fear mongering. This is what I know. In my area, the West Nile Virus is showing up in countless places. I don’t spend much time outdoors, so I am not at high risk for being bitten by an infected mosquito. However, if I were, I would start a course of Homeoprophylaxis. Many people do not understand homeopathy, and I confess, that though I do not understand it, I have used it with great results.   Wellness Lane, and  Dr. Kim Lane, MD, gives us some more information on this strategy. http://wellnesslane.org/as_homeoprophylaxis    Dr. Isaac Golden undertook a fifteen year clinical study, and his findings are outlined in this book. http://hpathy.com/book-reviews/homeoprophylaxis-a-fifteen-year-clinical-study/

Remember, knowledge is power….

Until next time,

Dr. Polly

  • Candy Turner says:

    This is about as clear as it gets. I will never understand why people choose long-term misery over almost instantaneous recovery when the solution is so readily available.