When did we lose our common sense?

Where did we lose our common sense?

When did we become so delusional?

Has political correctness robbed us of our sanity?

These are all questions that I ask myself amidst the controversy of the present day happenings. We have a white male who went into a black church and killed nine people, all in the quest of a race war. Who does that?

We have an Olympic athlete who decides that he is now in fact a woman, despite having male DNA and male genitalia. He has reportedly undergone around $30,000.00 in transformational expenses.

We have a white woman who for years has posed as a black woman, deceiving the NAACP. DNA tests can determine ethnicity. http://www.dnatest.org/ethnicity/   In this country we still have ‘affirmative action’ grants to ensure that everyone gets their fair share of the bounty that is the American Dream. As a white woman business owner, I am not eligible for some of the grants that are offered to minority owned businesses. However, in today’s climate, there is nothing to stop me applying for those grants except my own integrity.

We have movie stars who on purpose cut off their breasts in order to avoid breast cancer. Cancer is not a disease of an organ, or a body part. Cancer is a disease of the internal environment. Clean up the environment, and the body will not support cancer.

We have so called ‘transabled’ persons who cut off perfectly good limbs because they are ‘disabled persons trapped in a whole body.’   http://www.torontosun.com/2015/06/08/becoming-disabled-by-choice-not-chance-transabled-people-feel-like-impostors-in-their-fully-working-bodies

And yet, while all the above are accepted as, while maybe not the norm, certainly within the realm of what ‘tolerant’ people should understand and give a sympathetic nod to, we

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see images such as this, and laugh in derision.

On the bright side, such derisive laughter proves that we have not jumped over the ledge as the proverbial lemmings. There might be hope for our culture yet.

Until next time,

Dr. Polly

  • Carole Covey says:

    Common sense went missing the day Obama took office and turned America on its head. What has always been good, like working and supporting your family is bad, and depending on the government to survive is good. Accomplishments and success are criticized while laziness, illegals are rewarded. I remember watching Glenn Beck who was the first person I heard say, common sense is dead in America! Remember Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize for doing NOTHING!

    I like your commentary! Keep it up!

    Carole Covey

    • Nick P says:

      I am not sure what Obama has to do with any of this. Following your line of thought, we currently have a guy as president who lies, cheats, and has no respect for anyone. You say “illegals” are lazy (I am paraphrasing) and yet all “illegals” I have known through my 58 years of living are the hardest working people I have ever met. Yes, there are exceptions. But, exceptions can be found in all groups of people. I believe you are politicizing the issue of commons sense, which is absent throughout the political spectrum.

  • Trina says:

    I have been contemplating these musings myself lately. Equally disturbing to me is a generation with a a sense of entitlement. Around me I see a “me only” attitude. Gone are the days of pride in working for something to call it your own. Today’s rally cry has become, “We want it NOW, and we want it FREE.” There is no work ethic; no desire to better one’s self. We are a generation that has lost its patience. Of course, this isn’t true of all people, but somewhere along the way, my generation confused a “hand up” with a “hand out”. I think it’s Dave Ramsey who calls it a “fast-food generation”. I often wonder how we got so off track. Was it the failure of the family system, a downward slope of morality, or perhaps a problem with the education system? Whatever the case may be, I believe it’s important to pray for our country and be proactive about implementing change at both a personal and national level.