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HCDE Trustee position nominee

As you know, the primary elections are just a few months away.  As well as determining the big picture (whom do we want for President in November) there are also other races to be determined.   One of those races involves the Harris County School District, and its

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The Patriot Nurse–vaccinations

I am urging all parents of young children to watch this 10 minute video on vaccinations.  The opinion is from a nurse, and she has done her due-diligence.    Your child’s safety is worth 10 minutes. Until next time, Polly

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Not impressed, Senator Cornyn

Like many of you, I am proactive when it comes to protecting our freedoms.  My most recent foray was with regard to internet censorship, PROTECT IP Act of 2011.   I contacted the appropriate representatives, and sent in my letters. Today I received a reply from Senator Cornyn.  

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