Healing is the children’s bread Matt 15:22-29

Healing is the children’s bread.   This is the idea that we understand from Jesus’  encounter with the Syrophenician  woman.   We are His children; the Lord’s Prayer tells us to ask for daily bread.  Because bread is a symbol for nourishment, we understand that we must believe for nourishment/healing daily. 

Healing is to be taken into the body on a daily basis.  We do this when we choose the right foods, the right vitamins, supplements, and herbs.  We no longer live in the Garden of Eden; however God still ‘gives us all things that pertain to life and godliness.’  It is a bit harder than picking food off the trees, but the effort now will provide long term benefits as we age.

Lifestyle changes such as exercise and rest are also important to the restoration/regeneration of the body.   We live in a very busy culture.  There is something not quite right about taking time off, or pulling away to rest.  Yet we find that when we do rest, we feel rejuvenated.

It is a challenge to put first things first, and carve out time from all the busy-ness to care for ourselves.

What are your biggest challenges in caring for yourself?

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  • Emmanuel says:


  • NSIMA DAVID says:

    Jesus is a great physician.There is no sickness He is not able to heal.Ignorance delays one’s healing.The woman with the issue of blood was ignorance of the healing power that in Christ.She spent all her resources for twelve years without any positive result.The very day she realised that all power,including that of healing all manner of sickness was given to Jesus,she met Jesus and her meeting with Doctor Jesus,put end to her sickness.Whatever your own sickness may be,be it delayed marriage,named and unamed sickness,barreness,untimely death,joblessness,lack of peace,stagnation,demonic attack and whatever you are facing in life,bring them to Jesus for He will restore total healing to you(jer.30:17).

  • Augustine says:

    I really thank God for coming across this wonderful piece. Am blessed, Glory to God.



    • There is no easy answer Andrew. I believe that everything is repairable. You have to get with a practitioner who shares your world view, and who has the knowledge to lead your body back to health and wholeness. I am not sure what you mean when you say stem cell stroke. Are you saying that you have done stem cell therapy, and it has not been effective, or are you saying that you had a stroke in the brain stem?


    Hi Polly I mean a “Brain Stem“ Stroke, I am so sorry about the mix up & thank you very much for your kind reply. No I`ve not done any stem cell therapy myself, but have looked into it on internet & for eg;(GLOBAL STEM CELL RESEARCH) which talks a lot about it has an optimistic view, cure for this type of incapacitating affliction. I like your “WORDING“– I believe that everything is repairable, gives hope, faith, an anchor to the individual to hang on in “Tough times“. The famous American preacher “Charles Capps“ puts an emphasis to say that “WORDS“ are like unto “SEEDS“ it has the ability to “PROCREAT“ & bring forth “LIFE“ a harvest on what you say. Therefore we must be very “CAREFUL“ in what we say as it yields “FRUIT“. This is a very vast subject revolving “CHRISTIANITY“ today (Romans 4:17) for eg:—–“Calleth those things which are not as though they were“ is a very profound principal that admonishes the `BELEIVER“ especially in “HEALING“. Therefore thank you again for your life giving choice of “Words“.
    Andrew Martenstyn

    • Amaka says:

      Andrew, feed on the word of God. Check Gal 4:1. As long as you remain a child, you’ll need healing. A Christian has a self healing mechanism. When you’re matured. You don’t get sick. That’s when u become an elder. James 5:14. Elders pray for the sick because they dont need healing. Move from the level of milk to bones. Refuse to accept stroke. Speak to every part of your body including the part of the brain that got damaged. Remember Ezekiel spoke to bones and they became alive.

      Finally check Hebrews11:2,33 -35 how men shut the mouths of lions and raised their dead back to life. Raise your dead body part back to life. Refuse to be sick and call those things which be not (complete health) as though they were. This is a choice. God bless u

    • cynthia Quattrocelli says:

      Andrew, I agreed with you for complete regeneration of your body for by HIS Stripes, you were healed. Amen and amen. That is my faith Seed planting and we will believe together and call you healed in Jesus name for the Glory of Father God , amen.

  • Atafo plato says:

    Just as we grow in our organs and tissue, till it become rich , strong in nutrient , so the word of God grows in Us so we become rich strong and sufficient and start giving out healing to people around Us

  • Atafo plato says:

    If healing is the children’s bread, then it meant to be eaten on daily basis. healing is spiritual health is physical.when we deliberately meditate on GOd word , by reading or listening, we eat healing in our spirit, it manifest in our body as health.

  • Joy says:

    I simply enjoyed reading your page this morning. So inspiring. Healing is the children’s bread. Amen

  • Nandy says:

    Jer 32v17 Is there anything too hard for the Lord ? Our God is a God of impossible situations; who makes a way where there seems to be no way.Let us keep on meditating on His word, putting our trust in Him. confessing what we want to see in our lives and it shall come to pass
    In Jesus Mighty name Amen.

  • BALAN NAIDOO says:

    God bless you for such inspired words

  • Benjamin says:

    Very helpful. Thank you so much and God bless

  • Debie Mangut says:

    This just buttressed my point. U stumbled kn a verse mark that snowballed into a personal research.
    Mark 6:5 the Gods Word translation says:
    “He couldn’t work any miracles there except to lay his hands on a few sick people and cure them”
    Mark 6:5 GW

    This tells me that healing is not a miracle. It’s what we have been given. The bible says healing is the bread of the children.. it’s a form of nourishment the father has given us & this opened my eyes to how differently I see things and how we are in danger of glorifying the act of laying of hands for healing than the healer himself. For every sick person, it’s a given, healing is a sign that follows those who believe so stand on this knowledge and it will be so for you according to your faith and remember all that’s needed is that tiny bit just like a mustard seed.

  • LAMI ADANU says:

    These inputs are life imposing…GOD Almighty bless you all and His healing is our Bread indeed, in JESUS Mighty Name. Amen!

  • Dalia Chavez says:

    Very blessed by imputs of these fellow Christ believers! I was inquiring about the term “healing is the children’s bread.Someone prayed it over me,it sounds beautiful.Also have been mourning due to several friends passing away in short time span from one another,some young before their time,most all health related.Good bless u all in these uncertain times.Prayers for unsaved family members,alot of religion,rituals,idolotry, and,waywardness! Blessings!Amen

  • Victor Umoren says:

    Healing actually is the bread of the children of God. This is what am using to hold our Father for my daughter who has been diagnosed of glaucoma. She is just 11. I know this spiritual bread is for us and our Father will not deny us in Jesus Name -Amen. Other children of God who are also in need of this bread will not be denied in Jesus Name -AMEN.

  • Addie Smith says:

    The Lord Jesus Christ did it for me, I am a living witness when I lost everything, my God gave it back, I was sold out for Jesus before and for sure Now👏👏👏