Am I Allergic?

This is a question that I hear all the time in my practice. The conventional wisdom is that any person can become allergic to any substance at any point in time.

What is really happening with Allergic reactions?

To answer this question, we need to understand what an allergic reaction is. It is not just the body saying that it does not want contact with a certain substance. It is the body saying that it is dealing with a toxic overload already, that this new thing has pushed it over the edge. The body is saying that it just cannot deal with one more thing…

Let’s talk about the body. There are four eliminative channels in the human organism:
1. The Bowel
2. The Kidneys and Bladder
3. The Lungs and Bronchials
4. The Skin

Each of these four channels of elimination should be eliminating at least two pounds of waste daily. That means that the body would be losing eight pounds of waste per day. That is a huge toxic load. I can hear you ask, what exactly does this look like, and how can I accomplish this?

1. Make sure you move your bowels at least two to three times per day;
2. Drink at least ½ your body weight in ounces of water daily;
3. Practice deep breathing exercises for fifteen minutes at least three times per day;
4. Sweat (this will pull out excess toxins through the pores)

The body is a flow system. If toxins are going in (and they are) but not being eliminated, the body will soon be overloaded. The only way that the body has to reject even more toxins is to make you so uncomfortable that you will avoid the other substances.

This is not the best way to deal with over-toxicity. The best way is to purge the toxins from your system, so that the body can respond appropriately.

What happens if the new allergic substance is something that is supposed to be good for you? Something such as a whole-food vitamin, or a piece of organic fruit? What is happening then?

This is not an allergic reaction. This is a detox reaction. It looks the same, but it is not the same. In a detox reaction, the body is using the good properties of the organic food or the whole-food vitamin in our example, and purging the body of the unwanted toxic load. The body is designed to heal. It needs the substances in good organic food, or good supplements to gain the energy it needs to purge itself. So many times, a person tries to change his eating habits and start doing something positive for his body, but becomes discouraged by a detox reaction that he mistakenly accepts as an allergic reaction.

There are many things that we can do to detox ourselves from the environment and food toxins that we come into contact with daily. We can do a total body cleanse; a heavy metal and/or chemical cleanse. We can drain the liver, kidneys, and lymph systems, which will help move the toxins out of those filtering systems. We can stop eating processed foods, which are denatured and have no energy for life in them, and replace them with good organic foods. As we do this, the body will have more energy to heal and repair. The quality of life will be improved.

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  • I never thought of it that way, well put!