This is a very important election year. Have you checked your voter registration card? Most EXPIRED December 31, 2011!!! In the past voter registration cards have been mailed to arrive before that date, but that did NOT happen this year. That means you will have to go and apply for a new one. If you do not, you will NOT be able to vote!!! PLEASE make sure you do this as we need EVERY VOTE!!!

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    You can check to see if you are registered by following the above link. Happy voting!

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  3. I am the Communications Manager for the Harris County Voter Registrar.

    The post on “expired” voter registration certificates contains some important information that is wrong.

    Here is a news release, updated from what we sent Jan. 11, about the delay in mailing new registration certificates:

    Voter registration certificates mailing delayed
    Will be sent after federal courts decide redistricting case, Sumners says

    HOUSTON – Revised Feb. 22, 2012 — Normally, in mid January of every even-numbered year, persons registered to vote in Harris County get their new voter certificate in the mail.

    Not this year. The 2012 redistricting maps drawn by the Texas Legislature are in dispute and the matter is in the hands of the federal courts.

    “My office cannot prepare and mail the new certificates until the court has approved the redistricting maps. Only after that can voters be assigned to the correct voting precinct,” said Don Sumners, the Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector and Voter Registrar. “Once the court has approved the redistricting maps, we will mail new voter registration certificates at the earliest possible date.”

    The Democratic and Republican party primaries have been delayed by the same dispute. Now it appears the primaries will be held no earlier than May 29.

    “The delay in mailing the registration certificates will not interfere with anyone’s right to vote. I and my Voter Registration Department will support and protect the rights of every qualified voter. We will prepare and mail every certificate as soon as we can after the federal courts decide this case,” Sumners said.

    “Look for a new certificate — yellow and white this year – soon after the decision is final,” Sumners said.

    Thank you for allowing me to share this important information.

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