Metamorphosis from Fat to Lean—really????

Pink Slime and the Governors


I know that some people think that politicians are not the smartest folks in the world.  I tend to believe the best in people, and try to give others a break.  You know, ‘do unto others…..’  However, this article really grabbed my attention.


You can see it in the Houston Chronicle, March 30, 2012 edition:  Three governors, Gov Perry (Texas), Gov Terry Branstad (Iowa) and Lt. Gov Matt Michels (S. Dak) all went to South Sioux City, Nebraska.  They toured Beef Products, Inc.’s plant.  Now in fairness, all of these states have a vested interest in the production of beef, and the sale of beef.  I have no problem with beef.


My beef is this:  We are not being sold beef.  We are being sold beef ‘products.’  What does that mean?  Let’s look at what beef products are:  “cheap lean beef made from fatty bits of mean left over from other cuts.”   Seriously?  You want us to believe that you can make leaner beef from FATTY bits of leftovers?  Admittedly, I do not have a scientific background, but I do know that you cannot take something fat and make something lean out of it.


Iowa Governor Terry Branstad says:  “It’s beef, but it’s leaner beef, which is better for you.”   I cannot argue that leaner beef is not better for you, but just how does this fatty off-cut become leaner and better?  The plant treats these trash meats with ammonium hydroxide to change the acidity of the beef and kill bacteria.  Ammonium hydroxide is nothing more than household ammonia.  How many of us soak our beef or other meats in a bowl of ammonia to kill the bacteria, and somehow make the protein leaner and better for us?


It just doesn’t make sense.


Think about it….


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  • walktx says:

    When you’re right, you’re right. Now to get this pink slime out of our schools cafeterias!