Dewherst–killed TSA bill…. interesting

  • I remember this very well! In fact, if you go to the TSA webpage I created,
    you’ll notice all my posts were during the same period as this video, and the Texas Anti-Groping Bill. I didn’t rewatch the video because I remember the details well, so I’m not sure what to say as being the “other side of the story”, but basically the Texas House of Reps UNANIMOUSLY passed a bill making it illegal for the Federal TSA to conduct their pat-downs procedures in Texas. The TSA agents would be held to the same standards as local law enforcement is during routine traffic stops. Which sounds reasonable to me! But Washington D.C. responded that same day saying that all flights going in and out of Texas would be grounded if passengers weren’t going to be properly checked for weapons. Seemed like a day later, the Bill was dropped from the Senate, even though it was expected to pass there by over 90% as well. There were a couple Texas Representatives talking big, “Oh let them try to ground all the flights” but it wasn’t an arm wrestling match, it was a fact. The FAA was going to stop all flights immediately if the bill became law. I remember Alex Jones had a large group of protestors at the State Capitol a lot that month.

    • Thanks, Michael. What is your opinion of Alex Jones in general?

      • Well, after watching his film, “The Obama Deception” back in 2009, my life forever changed. Before his film, I was a firm Conservative Republican, and I thought I would never budge. He enlightened me to truth and I’m grateful for that. However, I have been saying the past couple months that I believe he works directly with the Federal Government. Most all anti-government nuts admire him and reach out to him. I listened to his show 4 times a week for years, and after a while began thinking that no one would ever be permitted to release that much sensitive information, like he always produces, to an audience as large as he reaches, without someone shutting him up. I don’t listen to him anymore. My gut feeling is that he contributes to as much misinformation as the mainstream media, and it makes me sad. I feel the same about Glenn Beck, and pretty much all the (what I now call) “alternative mainstream news”.