Use common sense—-

I heard on the news this morning that there was a recent study that said there was very little benefit to purchasing organic fruit and vegetables.  The newscast went on to say that the pesticides in non-organic produce was nothing to worry about.   Really?

If pesticides are not noxious, then why does the skull and crossbones appear on the back of the package?   I have in my garage several brands of pesticides, purchased years ago, before I understood the danger of such chemicals.  I loved using roundup to kill the weeds, and regularly used other pesticides for aphids and other garden pests.   My husband, who works in chemical plants used to warn me about such products.  I just laughed, told him that I sprayed on non-windy days, and I was fine.

Several years ago, I made the career change from educator to holistic healthcare.  In the course of my study, I learned the true nature of chemicals, and their effects on the body.  In my practice, I routinely come into contact with clients who have pesticide poisoning.    There are a host of heavy metals associated with pesticides, and I have appended a report that gives details as to what heavy metals are found on food substances which undergo spraying.  As a mother, grandmother, and wife, I consistently choose organic produce when available. I also encourage my clients to do likewise.

When a newscaster states that there is no benefit to eating organic over non-organic, I can understand that he is just uninformed.  Yes, organic is more expensive, but that produce has been tested to assert that there is up to 40% more nutrients than the non-organic variety.  Because there is more nutrient value, the consumer will consume less.

We know that organic produce is ripened on the vine, the way nature intended, and as such, is healing to the body.  Non-organic produce is picked while still immature, and then ‘gassed’ to ‘ripe.’   In most cases these foods are not healing, not alkaline, but are poison to the body.     Any holistic practitioner will tell you that having a body out of pH balance spells trouble.   Stress, soda, coffee, tea, and processed foods are all acidic, and drive the body to the lower numbers on the pH scale.

Lifestyle changes, such as drinking pure water, eating organic where possible, and relieving stress are all healthy practices.  Where we can eliminate noxious substances in our food supply, we certainly should.

I am not sure who funded this study, but I am certain that they do not have your best interest for health in mind.

Until next time,

Dr. Polly