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Time to act…..

Illinois Senator Durbin is planning to reintroduce his supplement bill, the Dietary Supplement Labeling Act (S 1310), which would grant more power to the FDA to regulate dietary supplements like they were drugs; Durbin first introduced S 1310 in 2011, but it failed miserably, as have many

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Webinar with David Pesek….

  A WEBINAR WITH DAVID PESEK *Iris-Brain Reflex Areas of Holistic Iridology:* * Understanding Conscious and Subconscious Thought * *and Emotional Patterns from Genetic Heredity*   Register today! *(Please click on or cut/paste the link or go to the homepage of the IIPA website!)*  

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Knowledge is Power…..

Knowledge is Power   I always find it interesting when I find out that things that are ‘public knowledge’ or ‘conventional wisdom’  prove to be untrue.   For example, we hear in the news that there is this ‘separation of church and state’ which prevents our students and

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