Stroke risk tied to diet soda

Diet Soda linked to increased risk of stroke

According to Dr. Steven Greenberg, a Harvard Medical School neurologist, and vice chairman of the International Stroke Conference, people who drink diet sodas are at a higher risk for stoke, versus those who drink no sodas at all.

The doctors have no reason or explanation for the reasons that diet soda increase risk of stroke. They surmise that people who drink diet drinks do not drink enough water, or they may fail to exercise, or they may indulge in too much alcohol consumption. “But for those trying to cut calories, ‘diet soft drinks may not be an optimal substitute for sugar-sweetened beverages,'” said Hannah Gardener of the University of Miami.

The Northern Manhattan study, comprised of 2,500 adults over forty years of age, found that minorities have a higher risk of stroke. These participants were followed from 1993-2001, Half were Hispanic and one-fourth were black. During this time there were 559 strokes or heart attacks, 338 of them fatal. The participants who drank diet sodas daily,(116) had a 48% higher risk of heart attack or stroke than those who drank no soda of any kind.

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