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ALL Lives Matter

I’m just a little frustrated. I see T-shirts, protest signs, and even YouTubes with people standing with their arms raised with the ‘Don’t Shoot’ motto inscribed either on the shirts, placards or scrolling under the televised marches. We also have seen football players and congressmen getting in

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Lawlessness in America

I am sorry and saddened at the recent news articles regarding Ferguson, Missouri.   It is tragic that a young man died. It is tragic that the citizens of the city are destroying the shops and businesses out of anger and resentment that the verdict of the Grand

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Its all about the money…..

I have been reading many articles recently concerning the efficacy of the various vaccines. Below are some salient bullet points, and the link to the full article at the bottom. Enjoy • Only 20 years ago, 32 million doses of influenza vaccine were available in the United

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